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Mike Brewer - National Director

Mike held the position as BB National Director for 3 years and has an extensive background in management across media and business development.  Mike has led teams across electronic and traditional media platforms in the commercial and 'not for profit' sectors.  His experience includes leading sales and management teams in radio, newspaper, television and social media.  As National Director Mike has a passion to see BB grow into a strong contributor of young men who contribute positively to New Zealand.

Warwick Tomlinson - South Island Development Manager

Warwick is the BB Development Manager for the South Island. While his history with BB only began in 2019, he has taken on a large area geographic area and also Captains BB 1st MosgielIn 2007 he completed a Bachelors in Ministry Theology (BMin) at Laidlaw College while working as an Intern at Opawa Baptist church and as a landscapers labourer. He has spent 26 years as a youth worker, both voluntarily and professionally. Warwick is a raging extrovert and loves being with people, especially working with teenagers. Warwick’s family include wife Rebecca and three wonderful children, Alyssa, Georgia and Jayden. If you are in the deep south, feel free to get in touch with him. 

Stu Thompson - Programme Director

Stu has worked for BB New Zealand for over 20 years and in that time contributed a massive effort to the movement.  Stu was instrumental in developing the ICONZ program, curriculum and badges in addition to the development of the Edge Workshops in schools across the whole country.  He has worked tirelessly to help boys become great men and has an enthusiasm un matched and well respected across the school network and BB.  Stu is an avid outdoors man and has five wonderful children, and is a doting granddad and supported by his lovely wife Karen

Hanna Leitch - Admin

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