Delta Senior ( 14 to 18 Year Old )


Besides the ability to consume the entire contents of a fridge, boys aged 14 through to 18 will confront several issues—self-consciousness, girls, puberty, voice changes, greater pressure at school and a desire for independence are just some of the milestones your boys will have to deal with. Delta Senior helps boys develop maturity and leadership potential and helps them discover the power of accomplishment from a job well done.

Interacting with positive male role-models to lead the way
Object and Values

Maturity, service, and leadership are three of the core outcomes from Delta Senior. This is about preparing boys for Christ-centred, future leadership. Active, Bible-led, adventurous, creative and hands-on, Delta Snr builds men for the future.

Turning adventuresome boys into respected young men
Why Delta Senior ?
To develop tomorrow’s leaders today it is important that they learn values like initiative, overcoming challenges, exploration, and communication.
Delta Senior involves great challenges and opportunities for boys to transition into great young men. The RISC Badges complement the Duke of Edinburgh program and the culmination of Delta is NLDC (National Leadership Development Course) and the Kings (formerly Queens) Badge Award.
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