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It’s a life of adventure

Adventure, exploration, ‘survival’, self-sufficiency, teamwork, making, orienteering, camping, first aid… these are all valuable skills on their own. Together, they cultivate leadership, teamwork, resilience, discipline, and confidence—the making of Christian men who have learned love and respect.


The programme is run through weekly evening meetings, indoors and out, various excursions as well as camping and annual regional events. As the boys mature, they are given national opportunities, expeditions and even snow camps.

Camping since 1887
BB Campsites

Michael Stead Lodge

Michael Stead Lodge—owned by the BB Northern Regional Trust—is an example of a typical BB camp. Located in the Kauaeranga Valley in the Coromandel Forest Park, the lodge offers boys a real outdoor, backcountry experience.

Into the Wild!
Nelson Lakes home of BB NLDC
Nelson Lakes home of BB NLDC
BB NLDC (National Leader Development Course) is a major culminating event for those young men who persevere through the years of BB, developing every step of the way as young men and leaders equipped for life.
The young men of BB have learned through their early DIRT Boy years the values of discipline, obedience, reverence, and self-respect. The development course challenges them to put their skills, habits and attitude to work in the natural environment.
Stage One NLDC teaches the boys about leadership skills, their personality types and how to use this knowledge to engage with others. They are challenged in the natural environment and stay out in the bush under their own shelter for a night.
During Stage Two, a year later, they are stretched even further with additional outdoor activities, including staying out in the bush on their own for three days. From this experience, the young men emerge with a sense of humility, self-assurance, confidence, and maturity.
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